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How to Improve Wix SEO in 2019 (Step by Step Guide)

Are you wondering how to improve Wix SEO on your new website? When it comes to SEO, Wix is not an excellent site builder in this regard. However, there are still plenty of options to improve the Wix SEO. In this step by step guide, I will share with you the best Wix SEO tips to boost your search ranking.

Is Wix SEO Friendly?

Wix claims that it’s an SEO friendly platform. However, what SEO professionals and web developers say is a totally different story.

wix seo claim

The reason why people believe that it’s not an SEO-friendly platform is that it’s a closed source platform.

Wix doesn’t provide access to change backend code hence it’s limited in functionality as a content management system.

In my opinion, if you want to rank your website higher in a competitive niche, Wix is not a popular choice. If that’s the case then you can move your Wix website to WordPress with the help of this tutorial.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get any traffic if your niche is competitive. You can promote your business in lots of other ways apart from SEO.

If your website is in the less competitive niche then you have a good chance to rank a Wix website.

Download the effective Wix SEO Checklist

Here is what you need to do to improve the SEO of a Wix website without changing your website builder.

Steps to Improve Wix SEO

Before optimizing your website, the most important part of any small business SEO strategy is to do thorough keyword research. Find keywords that you think your potential customers would use. See my detailed guide on how to find the best keywords.

Wix SEO Wiz Complete Setup

Go to Your Website’s dashboard. Find the app which says “Get Found on Google” and click on it.

Launching wix seo wizard

It will open the Wiz SEO setup. Now complete all the required tasks from the checklist. Make sure to add Site title, description, contact info, and social profile links.

Connect your website to Google search Console and submit a sitemap to Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You should also set up Google Analytics in Wix.

How to Add Title Tags and Meta Descriptions in Wix

First, you need to add meta title tags to individual pages on your Wix site. here’s how to do it:

Go to Wix account and click on ‘Edit Site’ button. Go to the page you want to add meta title tag.

Click on the Settings gear icon, and then click on ‘page SEO’ link.

add title and meta description tags in Wix

Here you will find options to add meta title, meta description, and meta keywords. Make sure you use the keywords used on the page or article content in your title, description, and keywords.

Improve SEO of a Wix Website by Optimizing Images for Search

First of all, before uploading images to your Wix website it is important to make sure that they are not too heavy in file size. The easiest way to manage that is by compressing images without losing quality, and you will have to do it before uploading images.

Google and other search engines can understand quite a lot of images using their AI algorithms. However, they have a hard time understanding the context of images to one another and the accompanying text. That’s why we use an HTML image attribute called “alt” short for (alternative text) to give information about the image to search engines.

You can also read my image SEO guide to understand how to optimize an image based website.

Adding Alt Tag to images in Wix

After compressing images you would upload those images directly to Wix post editor.

Next, click on the image within your post editor, it will open a box to add an Alt text.

Write alt text in Wix Post Editor

Add a few words about the image. Write a descriptive alt text which will explain your image content.

Using Keywords in Your Content

When you are writing content for a new blog post or a page, make sure to use keywords properly throughout the page.

Don’t include keywords repetitively which doesn’t make sense to your reader. Instead, use keywords in context and restructure your sentences and paragraphs so that you can use keywords in a meaningful way.

Try to add a few subheadings such as H2, H3, up to h6 and use your most important keywords in those headings.

Write for human readers not for search engines to find your content. Make your content easy to read and use lots of paragraphs. Smaller paragraphs make reading easier.

Create a blog on Wix for SEO

Create a blog on wix for SEO

Now if you are creating a small business website, you probably just have pages about your services, company, contact forms, appointments, and so on. This means your site is all set up and done. There is no new information coming up and it is not updated frequently.

A great way to give your Wix SEO a boost is by adding a blog to your Wix website. Blogs are a great way to promote your business online to potential customers. You can start a blog on Wix and start writing content right away.

Like all businesses, your competitors are delivering the same services/products as you. It is difficult to rank your website higher if your competitors are doing even a little bit of SEO. However, if you start blogging you can increase your chance of getting shown up on other similar keywords and outrank them.

The next question, I am often asked by my clients is that “What do I write about?”

A blog gives you the freedom to break free from corporate or sales language to dive into the frank and friendly tone.

You can write about industry news, new things happening at your business, share insights about your business with your audiences, share your personal stories, and more.

In short, you should write content that will bring your “target audience” to your website. Think about the problems they are facing which are also relevant to your business.

You can help solve those specific problems. It is one of the most effective ways to generate traffic. You can bring thousands of visitors to your website with content marketing.

Just be friendly, kind, and generous. Don’t forget to use your keywords throughout your articles. You can use these free keyword research tools to find good quality keywords.

Write great content on your blog to help your potential customers make decisions about buying your service or product. People are more likely to give their money to a company who is helpful and honest. Content marketing for your small business is an effective way to generate more leads.

Add Internal links

Adding internal links to your Wix website will help your website’s SEO as well as reduce the bounce rate. Give people a chance to read, explore your website as much as possible. Create internal links to every page and post using keyword rich anchor text.

how to add internal links to wix

Also, when adding external links (outbound links), it is a good SEO practice to add a nofollow attribute to external links in Wix.

When creating internal links in your Wix website, remember these key points:

  • Add a nofollow tag to external links.
  • Make sure that all internal links are dofollow links.
  • Link over optimization: Don’t use one keyword to link a page. Target multiple keywords.
  • Use descriptive anchor text with your links to help people understand whats the link is about.

Link building

After creating useful content, it is time for you to get backlinks to your website.

There are 2 ways that link building is done these days:

1- The old fashion way by creating links by yourself or hiring someone to create backlinks for you.

2- The second approach is the white hat link building, which is all about creating great content and promote it to influential people to get backlinks.

Both of those ways work for people even in 2019. However, the first old fashion way of creating backlinks by yourself might penalize your website on Google. Which means that your website will be either removed from Google index completely or drop rankings considerably.

To create good quality backlinks you can use these free link building tools.

After getting backlinks to your website, you will see a great improvement in your search ranking. I hope this SEO guide helped you improve your Wix SEO.

Bonus: Wix SEO Tips to Boost Search Performance

Always add relevant content to your website

Make sure that any page that you add to your website is extremely helpful and relevant to the user.

If you have already created thousands of low-quality pages then either improve their quality or remove them.

Some websites see a dramatic change in their search ranking after removing low-quality pages.

Add LSI Keywords to increase relevancy.

In simple terms, these are keywords that are related to your main keyword.

For example, if you target “lose weight” then anything that is related to that particular keyword could be considered LSI keyword.

So, how do you find LSI keywords?

You don’t need any expensive premium tool to find those keywords. In fact, You can use Google auto-suggest feature. It is totally free.

Add LSI keywords to Your Wix website

Method 1: Simply enter your primary keyword in the Google search. Adding a space before or after your keyword will show you more searches related to your keyword.

Method 2: searches related to your keywords are also LSI keywords

Method 2: Another way of finding LSI keywords is to search your keyword on Google. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find “related searches” to your keyword.

You can use these LSI keywords within your page to boost it’s relevancy 50% higher.

Google Search Console is Your Best Friend

It just amazed me when I see websites with no Google Search Console property.

Having a Google Search Console is extremely important if you want to boost your site search performance.

By using this tool, there are a lot of things that you could do to improve your Wix SEO.

You can submit a sitemap of your website in Google. It will make Googlebot job much easier to crawl and index pages of your Wix site.

Track your keywords through keyword performance report. You can find amazing keywords that you might not know that your website rank for.

Similarly, you can find out easily which other websites are linking to your site pages. I would highly recommend Google Search Console to beginners who are trying to rank a Wix website higher.

I hope you found this post useful. If you need help with Wix “Search Engine Optimization” please feel free to check out my SEO packages.

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  1. Great step by step guide on Wix Improvement, very helpful most especially to those who are starting.

  2. I know I am a bit late to the party, but I have recently had my website revamped from a 1 page site to 6 pages and I am trying to get meta titles and descriptions done well, this article has helped me no end so thank you very much for that.
    I didnt know about the Alt text so I will go through all my images and do that and once finally sorted is to get my blog up and running.
    Many thanks again for the great guide.

  3. Finally something actionable on building back links with a Wix website. However, I do not understand what’s the difference between Wix websites and Wix websites in a competitive niche. What is the reason for this? What makes a Wix fashion brand e-shop, for example, less successful than any other Wix website? I never heard or read any valid explanation.

  4. I have gone through our blog its interesting but in start you wrote wix is not a good platform for SEO. Then onwords it been shared things that can improve wix seo step by step.

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