How to Download Search Results to Excel Spreadsheet

How to Download Google Search Results to Excel CSV?

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Are you looking for a way to download Google search results to an excel CSV or Google sheets? Here is a simple step-by-step tutorial on downloading search results quickly to an excel spreadsheet.

You can use this method to download Bing, Yahoo, Google, and Yandex search results.

There are two different ways to download search results.

  1. Manually copy each result from the search results to a spreadsheet. This process could take ages, especially if you want to download the results quickly and get done with it.
  2. Use third-party tools to automate search results export. In this post, we will be exporting search results using third-party tools.

How to Export Search Results to Excel in Google Chrome

Step 1: Download the SEOQuake extension in your Chrome browser. After successful installation, you will see the SEOquake extension at the top right corner of your browser.

Right-click on the SEOQuake extension button and select options from the drop-down menu.

Now select SERP Overlay.

Change search overlay settings in SEO Quake

Step 2: If you only want to download URLs of the search results, then uncheck all the boxes next to active parameters. You can customize any option you wish to include in your downloaded CSV file from active parameters.

active parameters

Now you need to change the settings of the search results. It depends on how many search results you want to download. By default, Google and other search engines show ten results per page. Here’s how to change those settings:

Change results per page settings

Step 1: Search for anything on Google. Find the settings option below the top search bar.

Google settings

Step 2: Click on settings. Now select the option search settings. It will load a Google search settings page.

Step 3: Find results per page option. Scroll this icon to as many search results as you want to display and download.results per page, google settings

Step 4: Now go back to your search result page. Search for anything that you want to download from the search results. Wait for at least five seconds to load the search results page completely. Now click on this option from the left-hand corner Export CSV.Download Google search results

That’s it! It should download a CSV file to your computer.

Download Search Results to Excel Spreadsheet in Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: Install the SEOquake firefox extension in your Firefox browser. After the installation, follow these steps: Look for the SQ icon in your browser’s top right corner.

Step 2: Click on the SQ extension shortcut. It will open a new window in your browser. On that window, look closely at the top right corner, and you will find a settings gear icon.

Step 3: Click the settings icon and select preferences. It will open a new tab in your browser. Now select SERP Overlay. If you only want to download the search results URLs, uncheck all the boxes.

Step 4: Please see the part above configuring search results per page. After configuration, you can download your search results directly. Search for anything that you want to download from the search results. Find this option in the left corner of your search results page “Export CSV.” Now click on the Export CSV button.

After that, it will download a list of 100 search results into an excel spreadsheet on your computer.

You can upload this CSV file to Google Drive, Google Sheets, or any other cloud storage capable of processing CSV files.

How to Download Search Results to Google Sheets or Google Drive?

First of all, you would require a Google account. By creating an account on Google, you can access many useful tools such as Google Search Console, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and many more.

You can upload your CSV file to Google Drive after creating an account.

Go to your Google Drive account and look for the ‘New’ Button at the top left corner. You will find the option ‘File Upload’ by clicking on this button.

Download Search Results to Google Drive

Upload your CSV file, and you can share this file with anyone who has an Internet connection. No need to save that file on your USB drive, etc…

Export Google Maps Search Results to XLSX or CSV

A user asked in the comments how to export Google Maps search results into a CSV file. I didn’t know of a tool to export the search results.

However, recently I discovered a Google Chrome extension to extract Google Maps search results into a CSV file which you can open in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. Here’s how to export Google Maps search results in Chrome:

  1. Install the Easy Web Data Scraper extension.
  2. Visit and search for the data you want to extract.
  3. Scroll down to as many results as you want to scrap.
  4. Click on the Easy Web Data Scraper icon in the toolbar.Export Google Maps search results in CSV or XLSX file
  5. Highlight the fields you want to extract by clicking the Switch Table button.
  6. Use the Preview feature to verify that the correct data is being extracted.
  7. Use the Export feature to export the data into various formats such as CSV, XLSX, or JSON.

That’s it! With Easy Web Data Scraper, you can extract data from any website easily and quickly.

I hope you find this post helpful. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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  2. Thank you, Azib, I was able to download the search results. I had to save some search entries from Google for record-keeping purposes, and this tutorial helped me find a useful tool.

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