Repairing Internet Reputation: A DIY Guide to Reputation Management

Are you looking for a way to repair your reputation on the Internet? I know how difficult it is for a business or an individual to have negative search results showing up on their name. In this post, I am going to show you how you can easily repair your online reputation with simple steps.

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What is Internet Reputation Repair?

Internet Reputation Repair is a process of pushing down and removing negative information from a person’s or brand name. To repair Internet reputation, it is important to maintain a great reputation in Google search results. This help brands to gain trust and a reputation.

You can remove negative search results or push them down using simple strategies mentioned in the post.

Online brand reputation determines conversion rates just as much as content and search rankings. If you look from a financial point of view, reputation helps us get work, make money, and be more influential.

An online reputation campaign could take a lot of time, hence it is important to have a strategy before start working on it.

In recent years, the concept of Internet reputation repair or online reputation management has gathered widespread interest. Reputation has the power to build trust, while on the other hand, it also has the potential to cause a disaster.

Here is How You Can Repair your Bad Internet Reputation

Always consider your business name as a brand name. Prospect most likely search your brand name in Google when they heard about your business from someone. By fixing Internet reputation you can also promote your business online.

I have helped businesses and brands repaired their damaged online reputation. So, I am going to share online reputation management techniques, which I find most useful when fixing reputation of my clients.

1. Right Information at The Right Time

You can control content to show to your prospects when they search your business name on Google.

Most businesses don’t think about online reputation management, until they get negative backlinks or negative SEO content from competition. You need to help prospects find the right information on Google search. So, they can easily make a decision of doing business with you.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. It doesn’t matter if you are a thriving business or just yet started. If you want to grow your business, you should give priority to online brand reputation.

brand reputation repair

2. Create Social Media Profiles for Your Brand

Every entrepreneur must know how to improve their brand online reputation.

Social media is a great tool for brand awareness. It will help you build trust as a business and help prospect find your business more appealing.

Social media profiles will help your business reputation in search results. When prospects search your brand name, these social profiles likely show up in top results. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t yet published content on those platforms. However, it is a good practice to post frequently on social media networks. You can check out these posts on how to improve your social media engagement:

3. Monitor Your Brand reputation and Keywords

You cannot always keep track of a brand and its keyword mentions by yourself. At some point, you would need to automate this process.

There is a couple of tools that can help you monitor brand mentions. Google Alerts is my personal favorite to keep track of my client’s brand mentions.

As soon as Google indexes mention of the brand name, Google Alerts will send you an email. Of course, you would have to add those keywords to your Google Alerts account.

You can add multiple keywords and track them using Google Alerts. This is a simple, free and effective tool that gets the job done.

4. Create Quality Content For Your Brand reputation repair


This is a crucial part of repairing your damaged Internet reputation. Without quality content, it is nearly impossible to suppress a bad reputation. Always avoid duplicate content when creating content for website property. If you add duplicate content, your website won’t show up in Google Search.

Your job is to make sure content is written to highlight your brand or keyword.

A great quality content has the potential to rank higher in search results. It doesn’t matter if your brand yet not have negative comments and angry customer feedbacks, but it would definitely save your brand name from future risks.

Also, it will bring direct traffic to your website which will improve business and online sales.

If you are not a good writer then you can hire people to write creative content for your business. Always look for quality over quantity.

5. Never Do Negative SEO to fix online reputation

First of all, it doesn’t work if you want to crush negative links from Google. It can only result in a higher ranking of the negative search result.

It is one of the common online reputation management mistakes which can damage any brand’s reputation even further.

I always recommend my client’s to never use negative SEO unless they know the results of Negative SEO. It is the biggest SEO mistake that you can make which will ruin your reputation completely.

Negative SEO worked for people years ago, but Google algorithm has grown smarter since then.

If someone tells you to do negative SEO to get rid of unwanted results from search results, then he probably has no idea what he is talking about.

Hopefully, this all will get you started to repair your damaged online reputation. Every brand name and keyword has different competition so it will take some time.

Internet reputation repair is all about patience and hard work. If you are not ready for it, you should hire someone to do reputation repair for you.

If you have any question then you can check out more online reputation management tutorials here.

If you need help with SEO or reputation management then please feel free to send me a message.

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