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How to Start Your Freelance SEO Business?

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Last Updated on by Azib Yaqoob

If you want to start a freelance SEO business then this article is for you. I have seen so many freelance SEO experts struggle to find a better job but they work tirelessly for people who don’t value their work.

So what can you do to start a freelance SEO business?

There are countless possibilities and things that can be done. I understand that you are good at SEO but you might have other flows like me or anyone else.

If you want to start your freelance SEO business then you should read this article on how to promote your business online. It will help you to understand what are different ways other than SEO that you can use and boost your freelance SEO business.

However, when starting a new business keep these things in mind as well:

1. Growing your freelance business will be a slow process.

No matter which marketing methods you chose to promote your business. If you want to build a business you have to rely on slow progress. It is the only safest option unless you have a lot of funding to advertise on different online and offline mediums.

To start your freelance SEO business, you should gain more skills as well. Rank a website, build a portfolio and attract new customers.

2. Learn new skills

You can learn new skills or improve your current SEO skills by reading important SEO blogs. Some of my personal favorite blogs to stay updated with SEO news are:

  • Google Webmaster Blog
  • Matt Cutts
  • Danny Sullivan
  • Rand Fishkin
  • Backlinko
  • Neil Patel

You can follow them on twitter to get frequent SEO updates.

3. Set up a website

It is important, if you want to be an SEO expert you must have a presence on the web. It will help your potential customers to find you easily. When it comes to hiring a freelance SEO service provider, people would be more likely to spend their money on someone who show them results.

Now that you have developed a great looking website, it is time for you to write awesome content and get dofollow backlinks. Soon you will see the interest of your potential buyers.

4. Optimize Your site

It should be obvious to you since your job is optimizing websites your own blog and website should use all the best on-page SEO practices. If you don’t know how to do that, then check out these on-page SEO tips for beginners.

  • Create unique articles
  • Guest post on other blogs
  • Share your website on social networks
  • Start a secondary blog on Medium & LinkedIn
  • Use these free link building tools to get more links.

5. Local + social networking

It is an important part to generate more leads for your freelance SEO business. Whether it’s a local event or an online one make sure to attend as many networking events in your city or if you like to travel then you can join thousands of networking events in multiple cities and countries.

Other than that, you should consider online networking. Use all the social networks you can and join as many groups as you can. Build up new connections with the people, teach them something new and learn new things.

I am sure that any freelance SEO consultant can use these tips and improve their business. If you like this article and feel like this is something useful, then please feel free to share it. I would really appreciate it.

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