The ultimate SEO guide to Optimize your listing on Amazon The ultimate SEO guide to Optimize your listing on Amazon

Ultimate Amazon SEO Strategy for 2022 – A Complete SEO Guide

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Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, and if you plan to sell products on Amazon, you must know how Amazon SEO works.

You should follow this simple Amazon SEO strategy to increase sales of your Amazon store. It is a step-by-step process to teach you Amazon search optimization.

Why Should You Learn SEO as an Amazon Seller?

Well, if you are planning to open a store on Amazon, it is an important subject that you must know. Here are other benefits of Amazon SEO:

  • Your Amazon sales will increase significantly.
  • Product pages will be more optimized for both users and Amazon search.
  • It will be much easier for the customers to find your product through search.

Who doesn’t want to boost sales, right? So, let’s jump right into how to do it properly.

How does A9 Algorithm work?

A9 Algorithm animation

All the search engines use pre-defined algorithms, including Amazon. An algorithm is a process or set of rules to follow calculations or other problem-solving operations. In simple terms, an algorithm calculates different rules and functions and displays things accordingly.

As defined by the A9 official website, here’s how it works:

“Great search can seem to customers like it is reading their minds. We start the search experience by giving customers suggestions on how to formulate their queries as soon as they start typing.

The better we understand the meaning of a query, the better we can help customers find the products they want. So we focus on the words and the intent behind those words. When a customer tells us they are looking for “Harry Potter in books”, we distinguish in their query the title: “Harry Potter” from the category information: “in books”.”

The Basics of Amazon SEO: Thinking like A9

If you learn how Amazon ranks products in their search, you can easily rank a product at the top of the search.

Amazon SEO is all about improving the sales target

  • Execution Factors: These speak to how prevalent/fruitful an item has been so far with customers.
  • The key measurements are CTR (active visitor clicking percentage), transformation rate, and sales.
  • Amazon’s search algorithm works uniquely in contrast to Google’s algorithm. It’s crucial to have a strong understanding of how Amazon search functions.

Keyword Research is the Core of Amazon SEO

Keywords are queries typed by users to find a product using the Amazon search function. So, using the correct keywords that people search for when trying to find a particular product is a necessary step.

You can use plenty of keyword research tools to find good keywords. Make sure that any keywords you choose have a good amount of search volume.

Keyword Location is Important in Amazon Ranking

The general rule of thumb for keyword placement in your Amazon posting optimization:

  • Product title: Immediately relevant keywords and synonyms, including size (e.g., 20″, 500g) if relevant
  • Bullet points: Long-tail keywords relating to product use, benefits, ingredients, or materials
  • Product descriptions: Use long-tail keywords blended with convincing explanations for purchase

Product Title (Name of your product)

Amazon product title Amazon product title

Amazon recommends including the following in your Product Title:

  • Brand
  • Product
  • Key features
  • Size
  • Quantity

Key Product Features (Bullet Points) and Product Description

The Key Product Features and Product Descriptions are searchable by customers, which can impact your Amazon SEO.

  • Highlight the five key elements you need customers to consider, for example, measurements, age suitability, et cetera.
  • Repeat important data from the title and description.
  • Start every bullet point with a capital letter.
  • Compose with sentence sections and do exclude finishing punctuation.
  • Try not to include promotional and pricing details.

Product Images

Add high quality product images to your Amazon listing Add high quality product images to your Amazon listing

Include high-quality product pictures to create initial customer interest, pass on the qualities and features of the product, and eventually change over the guest to a paying customer. You can also use stock images to spice up your product pages. Check out these best free stock photo websites to include on your product page or website.

You should also optimize your images without losing quality using software like Photoshop or Gimp.

The pictures greatly influence the conversion rate and CTR (Click Through Rate). Amazon lays out some straightforward rules that ought to be natural as you set up your posting together, including:

  • The picture should match the product description in size, color, etc.
  • The picture must be a photograph and not a drawing
  • The image must be sufficiently bright.
  • The item occupies no less than 80% of the picture region.
  • The image’s background should be simple and clean, not distracting the viewer.

Check out this image SEO guide for more information on optimizing images.

Product Pricing and Customer Feedback

Competitive product pricing significantly improves search performance. However, the quality of a product needs to be similar to your competitors; otherwise, your product will receive negative customer feedback. And you don’t want that because it will bury your listing in the search.

It would help if you considered doing competitors’ research. You cannot offer the lowest pricing for your product, but you must ensure that it is not incredibly expensive compared to your competitors.

I hope you find this post helpful. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need help with Amazon SEO or website optimization.

If you have an Etsy store, I am sure you will find this Etsy SEO guide quite helpful.

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