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Affordable SEO for Law Firms

You will lose money if your law firm’s website does not get enough organic search traffic.

Most lawyers have limited knowledge of SEO.

They also have limited time to spend on tedious work like SEO. Therefore, I like helping those professionals with my SEO services.

My SEO services are helping attorneys all around the world to get the 1st-page ranking on Google and other search engines.

Your website needs help from an expert freelance SEO consultant to increase traffic. Get in touch now!

  • Get results within a given timeframe.
  • Guaranteed SEO boost in search ranking.
  • Local law firm SEO services.
  • Weekly progress reports and 24/7 customer support.
first position in Google search results first position in Google search results Affordable Law Firm SEO Services first position in Google search results Affordable Law Firm SEO Services

Law Firm SEO Cost

Law firm SEO can start from $250/pm, and there’s no upper limit. It depends on the services your website needs.

Some law firms have smaller websites that don’t require more effort to get the results. However, the competition is fierce in this industry. Hence, it isn’t easy to quote a one-off cost here. 

Our affordable SEO solutions target law firm businesses. We offer the best rates in the industry.

If you compare SEO with PPC or Google Ads, it’s far more expensive than SEO.  A dedicated SEO effort can get you more leads in the long term. When you deploy PPC ads on Google, you pay around $25 – $50 a click.  

On the other hand, if your website is ranking in the 1st position on a competitive term such as “personal injury lawyer in New Jersey,” it will give you more clicks at a much lower cost. 

Also, your website will stay in the 1st position for the long term, and you will keep getting new leads daily. 

Search console results for an SEO client Search console results for an SEO client Affordable Law Firm SEO Services Search console results for an SEO client Affordable Law Firm SEO Services

Why is SEO Important for Your Law Firm Website?

As an online business, I understand it is a dog-eat-dog situation in SEO.

Every law firm wants to rank its website on the 1st page of Google. Unfortunately, only the best who worked the hardest would get there.

You need SEO services because most lawyers and law firms can’t handle SEO tasks because of time restraints. So, this is why they hire a ‘law firm SEO expert’ like me to do this tedious job.

Why hire a law firm SEO specialist?

  • You will get ROI from an expert who has optimized many law firm websites for the last ten years. I have created processes over the years that give me an edge over my peers.
  • I work with small law firms, businesses, and independent lawyers.
  • My immense experience and research in the SEO industry have helped many small law firms and attorneys.
  • My SEO services are affordable and reliable. If you don’t get results, you are more than welcome to stop my services at any point.
  • I run white hat link-building campaigns to improve the website’s trust and authority.

How does SEO Work?

Search engines get queries “keywords” from their users. They display the most relevant and high-quality pages in search results.

If the page is more keyword focussed on user queries and people talking about it on other authoritative websites, it will rank higher on Google.

I have learned over the years that providing helpful information is the key to success in the SEO industry. Hence, I only use strategies that allow my clients to show up and get clicks in the search results more often. It helps my law firm’s SEO clients establish authority and trust.

Why does your law firm need SEO services?

To get more queries from online users on your website. There are several ways to get that traffic and flow of users, customers, or clients.

SEO is one of the cheapest ways to get traffic to your website that is willing to buy your services. Although you can get traffic through other paid sources, such as search and social media advertising, the cost of advertising for law firms is very high due to the fierce competition.

Your law firm will get a much better flow of targeted traffic through organic search if your website is search engine optimized.

What kind of SEO services are suitable for law firms?

Every law firm has different needs and local competition.
It is an excellent practice to start an SEO campaign and get quick wins to attract instant traffic to the website. I always first try to rank low-competition keywords for my clients. After earning some traffic, I  switch my SEO campaign to the next level.

I then work on medium to high-competition keywords. That’s where real money usually exists. So, all my clients, when getting their page ranked high, thanked me with a bonus and always asked me how to keep this ranking forever.

I then continue to build their website authority on various keywords.

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