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6 Tragic Online Reputation Management Mistakes You Must Avoid

When it comes to online reputation management, there is a great risk of making mistakes that may put your reputation in danger. Those tragic reputation management slips are easy to neglect but it could lead to so many problems.

Every business owner must know their online reputation is important to care for. Read my online reputation guide to understand why.

An excellent online reputation could improve your customers’ trust in your business. On the other hand, a bad online reputation could destroy your business and might change your life in a negative way.

That’s why online reputation is important, no matter who you are, or how small is your company.

When you try to do online reputation management you might make mistakes that put your career or business to an end. There are a lot of factors involved when you do online reputation management, such as finding the right tools and techniques. It will take some time to fix your online reputation.

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You don’t have to do it yourself unless you are learning from an expert and trying to do things in your own way.

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Top Online Reputation Management Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some mistakes which most online reputation manager makes on their way to improving and building a reputation. You can utilize this information and make sure that you would not do such mistakes in your online reputation management campaign.

1. Negative SEO

As I have already discussed this in my other post. However, this is a very important and biggest mistake you would make.


Because it is too much risk to put on your brand name. Building negative backlinks gives different outcomes to different people and different styles of campaigns.

It sometimes gives results like in a matter of days or sometimes it makes the negative results on the 1st position on every relevant keyword to your business.

In my opinion, you should not risk it when it comes to your online reputation. There are other alternative strategies which are giving far better results than negative SEO, so why bother, right?

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2. No Prior online reputation management strategy

Developing a great strategy will save you a lot of time. That’s why I think it is important that no matter what you do, you should first create a sound strategy.

Sure, it would take some time to develop a strategy but it will save you a lot of trouble in the future when you are working on your reputation management campaign.

There are a few things which you can do to repair your damaged Internet reputation. However, consistency is the key to online reputation management.

3. Buying Fake SEO and Reputation Services

I understand that everyone cannot afford high-end services or products all the time. Sometimes we need to cut a budget on things which we think can be manageable and does not put any harm to us at near future.

But you could be wrong. There are so many charlatans who would take benefit of your unawareness on the Internet.

And sometimes it gets even worse when you hire people who claim to be a superstar but they actually use shady and undisclosed tactics which are no good for your reputation.  if you want to consider a long-term solution, avoid these charlatans as much as possible.


Do your research by doing a quick Google search on their name. Ask them questions about their tactics and results they have achieved for previous clients.

So, what I’m saying is when it comes to online reputation management you should at least do thorough research before buying reputation management services.

4. Don’t Add More Information on Negative Search Results

Never submit or even open negative search results. It will improve their CTR, which may impact in higher ranking in Google Search. Google doesn’t disclose everything but what I have experienced and read it is one of the ranking factors.

Never try to add your comments to these websites. These websites are not there to help you nor they have any intentions like that.

What if you do add information to those pages?

Well, it will tell Google that page has recently been updated with new content which may make negative link appear higher in search.

Most of the times these websites stay live on the Internet by asking hefty chunk of money in order to remove a listing.

So, it is pointless to ask or comment on such a platform. Just forget that it exists. Instead, focus your attention on dealing with the real problem which your online reputation is vulnerable and you should always look to improve it further.

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In some cases, a great content strategy will give you better results than the SEO campaign.

Also, make sure to optimize your content according to your keywords. Don’t over optimize the content otherwise it won’t rank better.

It is important that you use all mediums, social media, blogs, forum websites that you can think of relatable to your business profession.

Use your name or a keyword which is affected by negative results in your content marketing.

6. Linking to Negative Search Results

Never link back to negative content that you want to be removed or pushed down. It will improve the ranking of that website in Google search. Also, avoid mentioning those business names with your name.

This happened to some of my clients when they were trying to tell their stories in forums and groups asking people to help them.

Guess what?

Their Negative stories started showing up higher in search results.

So, in my opinion, you should never link back to the negative story. However, if you want to share your story with the world omit the information where you would have to tell about the negative story. You can ask people to message you privately for the negative link.


If you are tired of all this negative publicity, you can try out these online reputation management techniques that will help you build up your reputation fast.

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