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How to Rank Your Website Higher on Your Brand Name in Search?

Do you know that ranking your website higher on your brand name can increase your traffic? Also, it is quite important for brand recognition and improving the online reputation of your business (read this online reputation management guide). If your website is invisible on Google when someone searches a brand name, then this post is for you. With this tutorial, you can rank any website on the 1st position when someone searches a brand name on Google.

Why is it Important to Rank Higher on a Brand Keyword?

Lots of potential customers search brands by their name through Google and other search engines.

It is important to rank as higher as possible so your website gets more organic search traffic. Other than that, you can save yourself from future reputation attacks on your brand name.

Here’s what you can do to rank your website higher on your brand name:

1. Optimize On-page SEO on Your Brand Name

If your website is not optimized for your brand name, then it is definitely not going to rank for it. Here are a few things that you should do to optimize your brand name to rank higher:

  • Include your brand name properly where it’s needed.
  • Add your brand name as h1 on the homepage because the homepage of any website has higher page authority than internal pages.
  • Using the footer to add information about your business and brand name.

2. Optimize Speed

Check your website speed using tools like Pingdom and Page Speed Insights by Google. An extremely slow website mostly won’t rank higher in searches. You can fix it using best WordPress caching plugins such as WP Super Cache or WP Fastest Cache. Both of these plugins are available on WordPress only.

If you are using custom CMS you can hire a web developer to improve your website speed.

3. Link Website to Social Pages

Linking your website to social pages sometimes help you rank a website. Most social networks mark these bios backlinks as nofollow. However, it is still a good practice in terms of brand recognition and bringing some social traffic.

You can join social networks such as:

4. Build Backlinks

When you are done linking social pages, it is time to build some high-quality backlinks. There are multiple ways you can build good quality backlinks.

You can find out brand mentions on your brand name. and contact those webmasters to link back to your website.

Another way to build quality backlinks is through guest posting. You need to find out top quality blogs in your niche and reach out to those blogs. Send them your article idea through the contact page or using their email. You can repeat this process until someone agrees to get your content published.

Now send them a good quality post about the topic. Your article will soon be published, you can either leave a backlink inside the blog post or in a bio section. You can ask the webmaster for these guidelines.

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