Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins

Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins in 2018 (Updated)

Are you looking for the best free WordPress SEO plugins for your website? WordPress is the best tool to build any kind of website. Search Engines are the most important source of traffic for most websites and SEO plugins can help you improve website ranking. I have compiled a list … Continue reading →

Best XML Sitemap Plugins on WordPress

Best XML Sitemap Plugins for WordPress

Looking for the best WordPress XML sitemap plugins? It is quite frustrating to select a sitemap plugin on WordPress especially when you are new to this platform or to the SEO. I have compiled a list of top best free WordPress XML sitemap plugins which you can use to index … Continue reading →

How I Fixed SiteGround Low Server Response Time Issue?

Are you facing low server response time on SiteGround web hosting? It took me awhile to fix this particular issue. I was using Dreamhost before moving my website to SiteGround. There wasn’t particular reason moving my website from Dreamhost to SiteGround apart from a huge black-friday discount. After moving my … Continue reading →

How to find and fix duplicate content?

How to Find and Fix Duplicate Content on Your Website?

Duplicate content issues can drop any website ranking considerably. To attract more traffic on your website, every business should focus on content marketing. When creating content, you can face content duplication issues on your website. Especially if you are using a content management system such as WordPress. It is famous … Continue reading →